This is the first of a series of FileMaker Tips that I will be sharing with you all from my 5+ years of developing FileMaker solutions. To get started, I want to talk about custom functions.

Custom functions have been around for a long time in the Claris FileMaker Platform…

Not everyone has thousands of dollars lying around to buy into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and if you’re like me, you wanted to join the party…or “Hype Train”, you might call it.

You’ve probably heard of crypto mining and have rolled over at the upfront cost and volatility of…

Naming conventions, or a set of rules for character sequences used for identifiers in a programming language, are a useful practice in any programming language to give developers a clear design of the code.

There are a number of reasons to practice a proper naming convention including:

  • Reducing the effort…

Jeffrey Henry

Software Developer and Code Ninja

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