Automate Crypto Betting —What I’ve Learned to Make Regular Profits.

Alright, so I’ll start this one off with the disclaimer that gambling is risk. You are gambling against a house advantage and the will of RNG. Most if not all strategies will eventually fail. So how can we protect ourselves from that a bad streak?

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My backstory with Crypto Gambling:

I published a story a while back (linked here) where I was just getting into the crypto world and wanted to see if I could gamble my BAN coin into some quick profits. I started off with a site that was specifically gambling the BAN coin. It was nice because bets were fractions of a cent, and you could last awhile on your bankroll. Partner that with mining crypto on the side, I wasn’t actually transferring too much USD of my own bank into this hobby.

Eventually I got bored with the one or two games they had and learned quickly that the most common strategies didn’t hold up forever. Martingale worked until it didn’t.

All it took was a huge train of losses to whip your bankroll.

Then I moved onto sites like Stake and Nanogames (which I currently still frequent) and had a little more fun. Played some new games, but also had the opportunity to play a little different.

Nanogames allows you to script/code your betting strategy in JavaScript. Well, being a coder, I figured, why not try out some of my own ideas.

Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

Soon, I was scripting different algorithms for my friends and other regulars on the site. Some worked for a bit, some failed immediately, but I was having fun doing it.

What Didn’t Work

Martingale is a popular strategy, but you’ll learn quick enough that numbers eventually will break your bank. No matter how little I made my bet amounts, eventually a bad streak would hit.

So, then I thought, “What if I only attempted X recoveries before resetting and starting over?” Well, that did help me to last longer because I would only let myself multiply my bets X times in hopes of recovering, but never enough to full bet my bankroll. Sometimes I’d go days running a script with this strategy and never reset, which my bankroll was loving. Other days, it would reset 3 times in a day and i’d be looking at negatives.

Then I tried working with different chances. Instead of going for the 2x payout (49.50% after the house edge), I’d start going for smaller payouts with a higher probability. As you would expect, the red streaks were rarer, but the multiplier was a lot higher. For a 1.25x payout, you’d have to multiply by 5 to make back your bets. Do that a few times, and you’ll be dropping some nice stacks.

What I’m Trying Now

My current script is a less aggressive approach. I wait for a string of losses in a row, and then bet on the next win, with a martingale recovery for X attempts.

For example, the largest train of 1.25x losses that I’ve seen personally and through some of my own data analysis is 7 losses in a row, which means you’d have to multiply your initial bet times 5⁷ to recover on that 8th win. Well, if you got tiny pockets like me, you can’t handle that high of a bet and probably doing want to make it in the first place.

In this example, I would have my script wait 3–4 straight losses in a row, then attempt 4 times to bet and win on a 1.25x payout. Now my biggest bet is much smaller, and I’m improving my chances of it hitting 1.25x on the next run. Yes, statistically, it could go 8 or 9 or 10 losses in a row, but it's much smaller than it going 7 losses in a row.

The Pros:

  • Minimizing my largest bets
  • Improving my chance of making a winning bet.

The Cons:

  • Slow approach. You may not see an opportunity to bet for a while.
  • Smaller overall profits compared to a riskier approach.

Here’s a photo of my script results after a few hours. As you can see, not much happening on the live stats chart, then a sudden step. This is when my script kicks in and starts betting after X losses have come through, then eventually won, and I took home a profit.

Testing My Algorithm Out Theoretically

Of course, I didn’t want to bet my bankroll out to see if this would work, so I wrote some python code to simulate my bets on gathered historical results. I basically gathered 50k+ bets from the Nanogames history, dropped that into a CSV and then had some python code run my bets against it to see if I would flop or come out positive.

I made it flexible and tried out different parameters, like how many losses to wait before betting, how small to make my initial bet based on my bankroll, how many times to attempt a recovery. Eventually a found a combination that gave me a positive result, then I fine-tuned it some more and got a combination that game a greater positive result.

While this won't give me a guarantee’d profit for the next 50k games because we all know RNG can be a pain in the ***, it does give me a little more comfort to let me script run automated while I work or relax at home.

In case you’re wondering, here’s an example of my python simulation with failure parameters, leading to a loss:

What’s Next?

Well…. I guess we just wait. Let this baby run for a week or month or year and see how long it lasts or how many gains I have down the road.

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about NanoGames scripting or testing out algorithms.

How can I play?

Want to try out your luck with Crash or other fun crypto games? You can create an account on with my referral link or code:

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Good Luck!

Please remember to gamble responsibly. Only bet what you are willing to lose! :)




Software Developer and Code Ninja

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Jeffrey Henry

Jeffrey Henry

Software Developer and Code Ninja

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