Crypto Dice Betting — 3 Strategies to up your game.

Edit: After a few weeks of trying out these strategies. I have an update at the bottom. :)

Strategy 1: Martingale

  1. Bet a small comfortable amount that you can afford.
  2. If you win, continue betting the base bet.
  3. If you lose, double your bet each round, until you win.
  4. Once you win again, return to your base bet.

Strategy 2: D’Alembert

  1. Decide on a base bet and call this one unit. ( ex. 5 BAN )
  2. If the roll is a loss, increase your base bet by one unit. ( + 5 BAN )
  3. If the roll is a win, decrease your base bet. However, if you win at your base bet, then it remains the same for the next bet.

Strategy 3: Paroli

  1. Determine your base bet and call this one unit. ( ex. 10 BAN ).
  2. If you lose any roll, return the bet to one unit. ( 10 BAN ).
  3. If you win, double your bet to two units ( 20 BAN ).
  4. If you win a second roll in a row, double your bet to four units ( 40 BAN ).
  5. Regardless of your third roll outcome, reset your bet to one unit for the next 3 bets.

Which Strategy Should I Use?

Tips from my experience

  1. Work with a small percentage of your bankroll. Have 1000 BAN to work with? Only risk 100 of it. Otherwise you’ll go deep and lose it all with a bad run.
  2. In line with the first tip, make your base bet a small percentage of what you decide to risk. This leaves room for the first two strategies to handle a losing streak and to double your bets with each loss. If you decide to bet 10 BAN and hit a losing streak, you’ll find yourself losing that 100 BAN pretty quick. Instead, bet 1 BAN or even .5 BAN. If you end up with 3–4 rounds of lost rolls, you can still bet a comfortable amount to secure a win.
  3. Cash out when you’ve hit your initial buy in. If you put in 100 BAN to start with and you happen to hit 200 BAN, cash out that 100 BAN and secure your initial investment. Now you can choose to continue playing with the 100 BAN profit, or you can cash that out as well and call it a good day. Either way, you came out even for the day.

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Jeffrey Henry

Jeffrey Henry

Software Developer and Code Ninja

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