Earn crypto the fun way: FoldingAtHome (F@H)

What is protein folding?

What happens if proteins don’t fold correctly?

How does this help science?

Hold up, you mentioned crypto currency, how does that come in?

Introducing Banano

Banano is a 4th generation fungible & edible cryptocurrency with a cool yellow logo and particles.js background. Our team is top-notch and the project advisors are by a moonshot best in the business. — banano.cc

Step 1. Get a wallet

Step 2. Get a BananoMiner User ID, Team, and Passcode

Step 2b: Setup a passcode (Optional).

Step 3. Download the Folding@Home Client

Step 4. Configure the Folding@Home Client

Step 5. Fold and wait…

Step 6. Collect your Banano

Step 7. Key things to know

Helpful Sites

Folding@Home Dashboard


Support Me:

If you would like to tip or send some NANO over (no obligation, i’m folding like crazy, remember), here is my wallet address:





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