How to mine DOGE, SHIB, and other coins using unMineable.

  1. Download the unMineable application.
  2. Set up a wallet.
  3. Configure the unMineable application.
  4. Start mining.

Downloading the unMineable application:

Download button
unMineable Download

Set Up a Wallet

Exodus Wallet
Exodus Wallet

How to get the wallet address within Exodus

  1. Click on the wallet icon to go to your coin wallet.
  2. In the top right, search for the coin you want to get the wallet address for by using the magnifying glass icon.
How to get to wallet address
Wallet Address

Configure the unMineable Miner

Selecting the Mining Hardware
Specifying a token, wallet, and referral code.
Referral Information
Miner in action

Some Additional Settings

Closing Remarks





Software Developer and Code Ninja

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Jeffrey Henry

Jeffrey Henry

Software Developer and Code Ninja

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